Sportsmanship Award

In recognition of fair play and graciousness in winning and losing.

In Memory of:

  • Danny Brandt – 1995
  • Gord Cairns – 2003
  • Tom Duncan – 2006
  • Frank Bennett – 2008
  • Colleen Dobson – 2010

Each year, league members vote for the person from amongst their peers who most exemplifies the intent of sportsmanship, graciousness, and fair play. League Members may only win this award once.

Past Recipients:

Vernie Steingart2016-17
Ross Forest2017-18Cheryl Purll
2012-13Val Buschau2013-14Chris Sobkowicz2014-15Leanne Martin
2009-10Pat Clairmont2010-11Kirsten Reimer2011-12Heather Diebert
2006-07Gil Verran2007-08Ross Enokson2008-09Gwenne Sorensen
2003-04Debbie Hodgson2004-05Brett Crew2005-06Mel Pageot
2000-01Albert Pellow2001-02Brian Farrell2002-03Linda Hardy
1997-98Trent Eiriksson1998-99Matt Shindak1999-00Armand Lavallee
1994-95Carla Allingham1995-96Barry Kinnear1996-97Linda deDelley