Able Seaman Edward Richard Leonard White

Uncle Ted was born in Ottawa, Ontario into what had once been a wealthy family. Unfortunately his dad had both a drinking and gambling problem resulting in most of that wealth being lost and his dad becoming increasingly abusive. When he was old enough he joined the Navy and became an Able Seaman.

Unfortunately as time went on his health began to deteriorate because of arthritis, eventually forcing him to leave the service after 3 years of his 5 year enlistment. He took a job with the federal civil service, which provided a stable income while he engaged in various entrepreneurial pursuits including importing women’s clothing. As his health continued to get worse he tried several experimental drugs hoping for cure. Finally the pain became too much and he had to quit. He died a slow very painful death but neither he nor my Aunt Polly complained . He was a true example of bravery in the face of all odds.


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