Corporal Norbert “Bert” Touchette

Corporal Norbert “Bert” Touchette was born in the small town of Cadillac, SK in 1927. The 2nd oldest of five he grew up fast like many at the time working on the family farm. There was a story that as a child he made a trip to Calgary with his father and watched the bull riders and steer wrestlers. Needless to say from that point on he wanted to be a cowboy. The was extremely befitting of him as he was always known as stoic and adventurous. He was a firm but loving man who cherished his family.

In 1943 Bert’s father volunteered for WWII as a medic. Shortly after his mother passed away and the family was divided, with Bert ending up living with relatives in British Columbia. To help out he worked in logging camps until the age of 24.

Then he enlisted in the army in Vancouver in 1951. Basic training was completed in Camp Borden with further training at Fort Churchill with the 18th Company RCASC. In 1954 he was promoted to corporal and found himself in Winnipeg before heading to Camp Borden again with the 1st Transport Company as a mechanic. The 1st Transport Company was restationed to West Germany in 1957. After returning from Europe Bert was assigned to Winnipeg with the 10th Company RCASC. In 1964 he was dispatched to Egypt with the UN peacekeeping force under the 56th Canadian Infantry workshop. Bert returned to Winnipeg where he was stationed until his retirement and discharge in 1977. He continued serving his country as a civilian at CFB Winnipeg until 1987.

He spent his retirement as a avid member of the Charleswood Legion as well as hunting and fishing clubs. Sadly Bert passed away in 2012 after a long battle with cancer. He is fondly remembered in our thoughts and hearts. His love and guidance still impacts those who were close to him to this day.

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