Private Elwood Rodgers

Elwood J. H. Rodgers was born May 1917 and passed away at age 62. He was married in 1945 to Florence Hanson and they had two daughters, Anne and Betty.

Elwood served with the Southern Alberta Regiment C. Squadron Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, that was headed by Major David V. Currie. The Armoured Tank Regiment was part of the 14,000 Canadian troops that landed at the Allied beachhead code named Juno, in Normandy, France on June 6, 1944. After landing, the regiment slowly fought their way southeast, until they reached the village of Trun, France.

On August 18, 1944, the regiment was ordered to take back and hold the village of St. Lambert, which was only about 4 kilometers away from the Germans. Sadly, the Canadian Regiment’s Sherman tanks were no match for German Pantzer Division Tiger Tanks with their armour piercing 88mm artillery rounds. Two of the Regiment’s tanks were immediately hit and taken out of action. Elwood’s tank was the first tank hit and he was seriously wounded while still inside his tank. Elwood was rescued by a regiment buddy and then taken to a nearby setup medical camp, having lost a leg. Elwood was shipped to England for intensive rehabilitation, leaving his buddies from the regiment behind. Eventually he was shipped back home to Canada. Until his passing, Elwood stayed in close contact with his army buddies.

Burning Canadian tank in St Lambert

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