Lance Corporal Henry (Harry) Pike

David Henry (Harry) Pike was born May 5, 1916 in Canterbury, Kent, England. He arrived in Canada by boat with his Mom and sister in September of 1929 and settled in Stonewall, Manitoba with his parents and siblings. He helped with the farm until the start of World War II when he joined the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders in January 1940. He married his wife Edith in February 1940 and had a son in August 1940.

Harry left for war 2 months after his son was born. He became a Prisoner of War during the Battle for Dieppe and was not released from German prison camps until the end of the war. He did not see his son again until he was six years old.

Upon his return he settled in Charleswood with his wife, son and two daughters. He worked for the Province of Manitoba for the next 37 years. Harry was a “Jack-of-all-trades” and was often called on when friends/family had problems. He was instrumental with the building of 4 houses in Charleswood in 5 years (his, his son’s, his daughter’s and a family friend). These houses still exist today. He also built a cabin at Falcon Lake with his son. Harry passed away at home in February 1991 leaving his wife, 3 children and 7 grandchildren to cherish his memory.

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