Cpl. Lorne McGrath Paterson

b. August 1923–d. July 2014

Served June 1941–May 1945

Lorne was 17 years old when he enlisted in the 12th Manitoba Dragoons (4th Canadian Armoured Regiment) in Winnipeg, MB.

He said he received a birthday card while onboard the ship SS Letitia (August 1942). Actually, it was his Berthing Card: deck – AFT, room – Section D4, berth – Hammock, table #105.Lorne was a scout car gunner in a Staghound armoured car and was involved in many countries throughout the campaign. His regiment was sent to France on July 10, 1944. They saw action in Belgium, Holland, and then Germany.

The Regiment liberated the town of Blankenberge, Belgium. The town awarded the regiment honourary medals. The town honours the liberation to this day.

The Regiment also liberated the town of Bruges, Holland. There is a bridge in their honour with two large bronze bison guarding the entrance to what is now called Manitoba Bridge across the Leopold Canal.

He was in Oldenburg, Germany when the war ended. They were turned around and made their way back to England and finally back to Canada.

He received the following medals for his service: 39-45 Star, France Germany Star,Defence Medal and the Canadian Volunteer Service & Clasp.

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