MWO Joseph Aurelien Mallet

Joe Mallet was born August 29th, 1943 in Gaspesie, and was raised in St.-Simon, New Brunswick by Aurele and Irma Mallet. Joe was a proud member of the Canadian Armed Forces for 26 years, and retained tight ties with the military community after his retirement from service, with many lifelong friends. Joe volunteered in the Military Family Resource Centre for many years, and he and Lois were awarded the Manitoba Council on Aging’s recognition Award in 2012 for their extensive volunteer services to the community.

After retiring from the military, Joe worked on the D.E.W. Line for many years, meeting good mates and cribbage partners during his time on the “line”, and forming particularly tight bonds and memorable stories with many of his mates from the “line”. Joe tried retirement a second time in 2002, but not being one to sit idle, again succumbed to the temptation of work and spent almost ten years as a commissionaire at Winnipeg city hall and is remembered fondly by his friends there. Joe was taken much too early after fighting cancer with dignity and bravery. He left his wife, Lois of over 45 years, two daughters, Nicole and Melanie, and his beloved granddaughters Olivia and Wynne, as well as many dear friends and family to mourn his passing.

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