Warrant Officer Ryan Michael Lagace

The Fort Garry Horse

At the age of 17, Ryan joined the Fort Garry Horse Regiment, a Winnipeg-based reserve unit, and began his military basic training, held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Joining a proud, historical regiment, Ryan continued his military training as a armoured reconnaissance soldier learning tactical combat training.

Eventually, as Canada was well engaged into the War in Afghanistan, Ryan committed to training for war with several members of his regiment. For almost a year, he trained in Manitoba and Alberta in preparation for his deployment.

In January 2008, at the age of 21, Ryan deployed to Afghanistan with the Canadian Armed Forces as part of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

Ryan’s commitment involved force protection for convoy escorts, one of the most dangerous soldier roles for Canada’s army. As well, in 2008, the Canadian Army engaged into offensive operations to remove the Taliban from strongholds in the Kandahar region.

Although engaged into these operations, Ryan also experienced the true essence of the people of Afghanistan- the ones who wished for peace- with the relationships he built with his interpreters and their families. Befriending one such family, he left Afghanistan with a deeper understanding of them and their culture.

He also left knowing he lost friends who were fallen comrades during his tour.

Coming back to Canada nearing the end of 2008, Ryan settled into a life that eventually led to continuing his career with the Canadian Armed Forces and a life as a full-time resident in Charleswood with his wife, Hayley and his children, Rory and Julien.

Now with his family, they continue to be part of the Charleswood community as he enjoys coaching and being there for his family. As well he continues his career with the Canadian Armed Forces.

Decoration: General Campaign Star – SOUTH-WEST ASIA (GCS-SWA), Canadian Decoration

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