Warrant Officer Murray Daniel Lagace

Murray’s life, shaped by his military upbringing and service to Canada (1978-2014), taught him adaptability and the value of unity. Joining the army reserves at 16 as a Mobile Support Equipment Operator, he later transferred to the regular force. Committed to aiding Canadians in domestic and international missions, he served in the Middle East during peace time and war, the Balkins, Afghanistan, and Germany. Witnessing the consequences of disasters, civil unrest, and war, he learned that wealth doesn’t equate to happiness and the importance of not turning away from evil or from someone in need.

His wife Deborah, his unwavering support, exemplified honesty, loyalty, respect, and love. Together, they embraced a life of adventure, maintaining strong family connections in Alberta and Manitoba and with their friends from around the world.

In retirement, Murray and Debbie continued their journey of love and travel, embodying the spirit of service, unity, and wonder that defined their lives.


  • Gulf and Kuwait Medal, Special Service Medal
  • General Campaign Star South-West Asia
  • UN Disengagement Observer Force
  • Non Article 5 NATO-for Operations in the Balkans, Canadian Decoration 2nd clasp

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