Lieutenant-Colonel Michael W Lagace

Born into a military family, Michael’s first posting was as a child in Shilo, Mb. After postings across Canada, the Lagace family settled in Charleswood in 1975. At 16, Michael joined the Army Reserves and stayed with the military until joining the Winnipeg Police Service at 18.

At 31, he re-enlisted as a Reservist with the Public Affairs Branch. During this time Michael obtained his full qualification as a Public Affairs Officer and deployed on many domestic missions, including the Great Flood of Manitoba (1997) while still serving as a Winnipeg Police Officer.

In 1998, Michael retired from the Winnipeg Police Service and continued full-time with the Canadian Armed Forces. During this time Michael deployed to Bosnia (Former Yugoslavia) for eight months, serving in the 2nd Battalion PPCLI Battle Group. Highlights were the hunt for war criminals and discovery of mass graves.

In 2006 Michael was assigned to 1 Canadian Air Division and Canadian NORAD leading the public affairs team. Highlights were arctic interceptions of Russian Strategic Bombers.

After several postings Michael finished his career with the Canadian Army Headquarters, Ottawa, being promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel. In 2018, he retired and lives in Oakbank, Manitoba with his wife of 42 years, Lorraine. They have three grown children and six grandchildren, His only son, Ryan Lagace, also joined the military and deployed to Afghanistan.

Michael spent 31 years with the Canadian Armed Forces as an army officer.

Decorations: Police Service Medal/NATO Medal for Former Yugoslavia (NATO-FY)/ Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal/ Canadian Decoration/ Queens Jubilee Medal

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