Lt. Col. John Walter (Jack) Jamieson

September 4, 1914–August 13, 1964

Lt. Col. John Walter (Jack) Jamieson was born in Toronto, Ontario. Jack enlisted in the Canadian Army on August 5, 1941. He enlisted after learning his sister, Allison Henderson, and her husband, Dr. Fred Henderson, were taken prisoners by Germany after their ship (The Zamzam) was shelled and sunk in the South Atlantic, off Brazil on April 17, 1941.

Both spent time in German POW camps. Allison was prisoner in Berlin but was released after an exchange of Allied and German nurse prisoners. Fred spent four years in POW camps. Initially, he was imprisoned in Eastern Poland. Later, as the Russians advanced, he was moved to a POW camp in south France (Giromagny). He later escaped from the camp and made his way back to England via Switzerland.

Prior to enlistment, Jack worked with his father, David Norman (DN) Jamieson. The firm, DN Jamieson and Son sold farm equipment, industrial machinery, coal, and wood.

Jack’s Wartime Service

Jack was a cadet with the Highland and Lord Strathcona in 1930s. He enlisted with the Winnipeg Grenadiers (WG) in fall of 1941. He became attached to Royal Winnipeg Rifles (RWR) in the UK in 1942 for several months. He then returned to WG in BC and deployed to Kiska, Alaska alongside United States Forces to chase out the Japanese in 1943.

After this action he was transferred overseas in 1944 with WG. He was then assigned to Canadian Infantry Training Regiment (1) CITR upon demise of WG in UK in Nov 1944. He next served with RWR in Holland and Germany in April 1945.

When the war ended he was part of Canadian Occupation Forces 4 BN RWR in Germany until November 1945. He retuned to Canada aboard SS Maurtania, November 26, 1945, and was demobilized from active Canadian Army in February 13, 1946.

Service Ranks

  • A/Sgt: August 5, 1941, 7th Platoon
  • 2nd Lieutenant: October 31, 1941
  • Lieutenant: December, 1941
  • Captain: July 11, 1943
  • Major: 1949
  • Lieutenant Colonel: November 5, 1952, appointed Commanding Officer, Winnipeg Grenadiers.
  • Relinquished CO appointment January 1, 1955 and transferred to Supplementary Reserve as Major. Officially relinquished command of WG March 17, 1955 due to health.

Medals Earned

  • Canadian Decoration
  • War Medal 1939-1945
  • Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
  • Defence Medal
  • The France and Germany Star
  • (Of note: Canada refused to grant the Pacific Campaign Medal to Canadian troops who served alongside American troops during the Alaskan Campaign).

Post War Record

Returned to WG August 1, 1946 and appointed as Captain. February 8, 1948 he appointed Major in WG. Jack continued with the WG in a various capacities. In 1950, he assisted in coordinating the WG and RWR support in fighting the Winnipeg Red River flood, near the St. Boniface Hospital.

September 19, 1947 Jack married Patricia May Swinford of Brandon and Winnipeg. Her family had attachment to the RWR: her uncles, Charlie and Hebert Swinford served and fought during the 1885 North West Rebellion with the 90th Winnipeg Battalion (later RWR). Charlie was wounded at the Battle of Fish Creek and later died. His remains are interred St. John’s Cathedral Cemetery. He is commemorated by the Volunteers Monument in Winnipeg located adjacent to the Centennial Concert Hall.

After Jack’s military service and duty, he returned to working with his father at DN Jamieson and Son. The firm operated until 1969. Lt.Col. John Walter (Jack) Jamieson passed away, surrounded by his family, on August 13, 1964 at Longbow Lake, near Kenora, Ontario.

Within Jack’s Officer’s Record of Service Booklet, he penned the following while in Scotland:

Here’s Tae Us
Wha’s Like Us?
Damn Few
An’They’re A’Deid

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