Corporal Andrew Robert Huggins

Andrew Robert Huggins served in the Canadian Armed forces from September 7,1939 and was discharged on September 5,1945. He was overseas for over 3 and 1/2 years. Andy was a member of the Fort Garry Horse and participated in the D Day landing on June 6,1944. He subsequently participated in the liberation of Holland and Northern Europe through the summer of 1944 and the harsh winter of 1944/45. During the war he served as a Dispatch Rider and in a tank on D Day. Like many, Andy was wounded during the war. Although proud of his service and proud of having been a member the Fort Garry Horse, Andy was a modest man who rarely spoke of his wartime experiences.

Upon returning to Winnipeg, Andy met and married Marion, welcomed a daughter (Norma), and worked as a bench carpenter. He spent his retirement enjoying his granddaughter, Laurel. Andy’s friends and family were proud and grateful for his contributions and sacrifice during the war.

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