LCPL Auril Henrie

Joined the Fort Garry Horse, Canadian Active Service Force on January 26, 1940. He was stationed in August at Red Rock, Ontario and in September moved to Camp Borden, Ontario.

On July 21, 1941, he passed the prescribed tests and was now qualified as Driver Internal Combustion Class III (Wheeled). On September 25, 1941, he qualified as “Driver-Operator” 4/Canadian Armoured Division.

In November, 1941 the Fort Gary Horse moved to Headley Lindford, Hampshire, England. Later they moved to Worthing Sussex. There he became a Qualified Equipment Repairer effective August 13, 1943. He also received a Good Conduct Badge on July 11, 1943.

He landed in France on June 19, 1944. A few months later they moved on to Holland. While in France he was with the group that brought supplies to the troops from the landing beaches. He was lucky to be together (for some of the time) with his brother Denis. He was promoted to Lance Corporal on Nov. 8th, 1944. He returned to Canada in July 1945 settling in Winnipeg.

He married Cecile Demers in 1949. Auril loved camping and just being in the woods. My brother Ron and myself (Lynn) spent many summers in trailers in our Provincial Parks. He then started building cottages for the family. Firstly, in Lac Du Bonnet and then in Sandilands. We swam and water skied all the time. Around 1968 when snowmobiles were available our cottage life was enjoyed year round. He was a wonderful dad.

My dad is 2nd row, 2nd from left.

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