Corporal Albert (Ab) Oscar Hallgrimson

Albert was born in Edmonton February 7, 1917, to Asgeir and Kristjana (Sveinson) Hallgrimson, his grandparents having immigrated from Iceland in the late 1800s. The son of a silent-movie-theatre owner, the family moved to Winnipeg and then to Los Angeles until his father’s untimely death when Albert was six years old. The family returned to the RM of Argyle in Manitoba and Albert grew up on a farm near Glenboro.

Albert enlisted in the Army in 1942 and was posted to B Troop, 35th Battery, Light Anti-Aircraft, 1st Corps, Canadian Army Overseas. He trained on the Bofors gun in England before landing in Sicily in 1943 and moving north through Italy. After their participation in the final Battle of Cassino, the Anti-Aircraft unit was disbanded, and Albert joined 35 Traffic Control. Eventually relocated to Marseille, the unit supported troop movement north to Holland. In Holland the unit became 35 Provost Corps, where he was stationed for the remainder of the war. Albert boarded the Queen Elizabeth on February 14, 1946 and made passage back to Canada via New York City.

In 1947 Albert began mixed farming south of Glenboro in the Hecla/Grund District, marrying Evelyn Ingibjorg Johnson in 1955. They raised three children before retiring from farming in 1978 and moving to Glenboro. In retirement, Albert and Evelyn enjoyed curling, golfing, bicycling, cross-country skiing, travelling, and spending time with family, friends and neighbours. Albert Oscar Hallgrimson passed away peacefully in Glenboro, Manitoba, on February 10, 2015, age 98.

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