2nd Lieut. Richard D. Dailley

Born in England on Feb. 13th, 1919 Richard Dailley moved with his family to Canada. After finishing school he began a career in banking, but soon found himself in the midst of the Second World War. He enlisted in the 48th Highlanders Regiment seeing action in both Africa and Italy, where he was wounded twice. He returned to Canada in 1945 when the war finally ended.

After the war he married Margaret Black and together they had three children, Diana, Richard Jr. and Robert. He found employment with Eaton’s selling men’s fine clothing. Eventually he was able to buy a 10 acre farm along the Assiniboine River, where he raised sheep and horses. As his youngest child, I asked him one afternoon why he couldn’t throw a football with me. He said, “My arm hurts because a squirrel bit me.” Like many others he wouldn’t talk about the war or his wounds.

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