Captain P.R. Dack

Percy Raymond Dack was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba March 1920. After graduating from Issac Newton High School, Percy became an apprentice motor mechanic until enlistment.

Percy—who preferred to be called by his father’s name, John, or his army nickname of Tiny (due to his 6’5” 260-pound size)—enrolled in the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps in 1939. He was eventually transferred to R.C.E.M.E. and served in the U. K. and northern Europe throughout the conflict.

After WWII, Percy served in Korea for 2 years, returning home in 1953. He eventually rose through the ranks to Captain which he sustained until his honourable release in 1967.

While working as the technical stores quartermaster at the R.C.E.M.E. school in Kingston, Ontario, Captain Dack supervised the construction of several community projects, including 2 skating rinks, 7 baseball diamonds and a communal beach (Arrowhead Beach) that was used by the areas 5000 residents.

Percy also managed to find the time to marry the love of his life, Stephanie, and raise 5 children.

After his release from the C.A.F., Percy moved to Winnipeg and built a home in Charleswood via the V.L.A. program. He then went on to work for the federal Department of Supply and Services until his passing in 1972.

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