Gunner Alfred Thomas Crew

Papa came to Canada as a young man looking for work in 1913. He travelled by boat to New York and then travelled by train to Hamilton, Ontario. He found work on an assembly line at the Westinghouse plant. Shortly after world war I broke and Papa like most able bodied men was expected to sign up. He joined the 12th Hamilton battery in 1915, expecting a short exciting adventure.

Instead he went through 4 years of horror, suffering from tranchfoot, bad food and sometime little food, deafness from the huge guns, burnt lungs from being gassed twice and the guilt of knowing he had lived when so many others died. He returned home in many ways and old man even though he was still only 25. For the rest of his life he was haunted by the memories, and infrequently sought solace in a bottle of rye hidden in the garage.

He returned home as many did vowing to never let this happen again. He married a girl he met at the company picnic. They had two boys, fostered another and adopted a girl. He continued to work at Westinghouse while running a small truck farm in the middle of what’s now thew city of Burlington. He lived the rest of his life in relative peace as he watched his family and his adopted country grow together.


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