Gunner Douglas Samuel Clarke

Douglas Clarke grew up in rural Saskatchewan, working on the family farm alongside of his two brothers and five sisters. Doug joined the Canadian Army in Saskatoon in 1941 as a gunner for the 100th Canadian Division. He was transferred to Shilo for training and then sent overseas to England. He actively served as a gunner in Italy, France and finally Germany. Doug mourned the loss of many of his comrades, but especially a new friend Leo, who lost his life in the invasion of Sicily.

While on leave, he looked up a young English woman who was a penpal with one of his friends from home. After a whirlwind romance they were married in 1943. Doug returned to civilian life in 1946. He and his English bride settled in Saskatchewan, for he worked as a construction foreman for Sask Pool. The couple had 4 children. In 1955, sadly just 10 years after the war, he was killed from a fall in a grain elevator.

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