Warrant Officer Gerald (Gerry) Chabot (1943–2015)

Gerald Marcel Chabot, born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, proudly served in the military for 36 years.

1960: Joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)

1960–1962: Stationed to St. Jean, Quebec for language courses. Took a Basic Electronic Course in Clinton, On and on to a Clerk Statistical Course in Borden, Ontario

1962–1967: Stationed at Uplands in Ottawa, Ontario, where he worked as a Log Control clerk for Air Transport Command Headquarters. Promoted to Corporal in 1966.

1967–1973: Non-commissioned officer at Air Transport Command Headquarters in CFB Trenton. Promoted to Master Corporal in 1972.

1973–1977: Served at the Canadian Forces Base Hospital in St. Jean starting as Junior Supervisor and then Chief Administrative Supervisor for the hospital orderly room, rising to the rank of Sergeant in 1975.

1977–1981: Chief Administrative Supervisor for the Canadian Forces Hospital Detachment in Baden-Soellingen, West Germany.

1981–1985: Chief Administration Supervisor, Regular Support Staff, for the Queen’s Own Highlanders of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1986–1988: Promoted to Warrant Officer and served as Unit Clerk, 17 Wing Service Battalion in Winnipeg.

1988–1996: Non-Commissioned Officer with Area Headquarters of the Prairie Militia. Also serving one year with the PPCLI.

1996: Retired in Winnipeg as a Warrant OfficerIn the early stages of his career, Gerry had the opportunity to fly around the world twice, earning him certificates with The Most Circular Order of the Global Girdle and The Winged Order of Neptunus Rex.

Gerry, as he was known to his friends, strived to perfect his golf skills, frequenting the Assiniboine Golf Course with his buddies. He could usually be found Friday nights at the Charleswood 100 legion for a brew or two and hopes of a win at the meat draw. Gerry’s dry sense of humor was incomparable and would always get a smile. It might have taken a minute to get it, but when you did, it was laughs all around. Those are the times we miss…

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