LAC Denis Bernard Caron

Denis was born on May 31, 1922. He was the fourth of nine children of parents Francois Xavier Caron and Anna Bernard. Denis and his eight siblings were raised on the Caron farm which had been homesteaded by his Grandparents Charles Caron and Amidine LaFleche who moved to Manitoba from Quebec in 1880. The farm is at the northwest corner of what is now known as Charleswood.

In 1943 Denis joined his older brother Marcel in signing up for the Royal Canadian Air Force whereas a younger brother, Gilles, joined the Royal Canadian Navy.

Denis was trained in aircraft ground support in England and later deployed to Belgium, Holland, France and Germany. In July of 1946 he was released to the reserves.

Denis was honored to receive metals for service in the theatre of war, receiving the War Metal, Canadian Volunteer Service Metal, Defense Metal, The France and German Star.

Denis was a proud and jovial member of the Charleswood Legion where he could be found on Saturday afternoons playing snooker, horseshoes and cribbage. He was best known for his generosity, quick wit and service to others. Denis died from cancer on January 27, 1985 at the age of 62.

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