Lorne Roy Britton

Lorne was born in Winnipeg on January 26, 1941 and passed away age the age of 80. Lorne joined the Royal Canadian Navy, under a 5 year program, as an Ordinary Seaman Engineering Mechanic Standard (OSEMS from 1959 until 1964). He sailed on the Cornwallis, Stadacona, Terra Nova and Bonaventure. By 1960 he was promoted to Able Seaman Engineering Mechanic I (ABEM1). He was released in 1962.

Lorne married Donna of St. John, New Brunswick and he and Donna had two wonderful girls, Cheryl & Leslie. All three currently reside in Winnipeg. Lorne was blessed to have four grandsons and one great grandson.

After retiring from the Navy, Lorne lived most of his life in Winnipeg, though he spent a few years in both Calgary and Leth bridge, Alberta. During this time, has was involved in the automotive industry. He returned to Winnipeg and was busy with trailer sales and later, auto rentals when he met Rilla, his wife of 29 years.

Throughout his life, Lorne seemed to take after his Grandfather Britton as a handyman, enjoying woodworking and small home improvement type projects. He could always be found with Rilla at the cottage at Twin Lakes Beach, St. Laurent, Manitoba where he would putter around for hours.

Lorne was a member of the Charleswood Legion #100 for many years, serving on the Executive Committee in the roles of Finance and Public Relations. He enjoyed several years on the Colour Party.

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