Memorial Plaques

Charleswood Legion Tank Maintenance Fundraiser

To support the ongoing maintenance of the recently restored tank that is the symbol of our legion, the following is proposed. The Legion would sell 100 plaques at $125 each to raise funds to pay for the upkeep of the tank. These funds would be kept in a separate account. Each 2.75X3.75” plaque would bear the rank, name, unit and years of service (possibly a Cdn. Flag logo) for someone the donor wishes to remember, who served in the Canadian Armed Forces (possibly Commonwealth or Allied too).

These plaques would be attached to a large, stainless steel plate, mounted to the wall, which would also contain a larger plaque which would explain the significance of the tank and smaller plaques. Please see images below for samples of how the plaques will look like.

The large plaque @12”X20” would contain the Charleswood Legion 100 Crest and the following inscription: “This Sherman Tank opposite this wall is the official symbol of Charleswood Legion 100 and represents the veterans who have served in two World Wars, the Korean conflict and numerous NATO and UN missions since. The plaques on this memorial wall contain the names of some of those who served in the Canadian Armed Forces whose relatives and friends have generously supported the maintenance of the tank by purchasing these plaques.”

For more information contact Tom Crew at and he can answer any further questions.