Track the Jack May 12, 2023

Come down this Friday, May 12, 2023 for some food, fun, and an exciting good time.

We will be starting off the evening with Barbequed Smokies with potato salad and ice cream sundaes for only $7.00 per plate. Food will be served at 5:30pm. Please see ‘No-Win’ Bill at his usual table for tickets.

We will start the meat draw at 6:00 pm so please choose wisely which area you sit. Will the bell be tolling from the back room? Will the mezz be rocking with wins? Who knows??

Right after the 4th and final meat draw of the evening, you will only have a few minutes to get in your last tickets for Track the Jack. Let’s see if we can get this week’s jackpot to rise above $16,500.

Good luck to everyone who comes out. See you on Friday!!