St. Patrick’s Day Corrections

I want to make a formal apology for the previous original post on St Patrick’s Day. I did not realize that when I made changes to a post, that it did not auto-populate a new email to note that there was a correction made. This made it very confusing many people because the original post said $7.00 per ticket when the actual price for the ticket is actually $10.00. There was also a change on the menu. There is a link in the email that will take you to the current updated information, which caused a lot of the confusion. With this being said, below is the corrected post with all of the correct information.

Come on down, Friday March 17 for our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration! Dinner will be starting at 5:15 pm for $10.00 a plate. Tickets will be on sales at the bar until March 11th, so get them early.

We will be having Irish Stew, Garlic butter mashed potatoes, Homemade buns and dessert! The meat draw and track the jack will begin at 6:00 pm.

At 8:30 pm, after Track the Jack is done, we will be having Karaoke all evening long. There will be Gift Card Raffles that will be drawn at 9:30 pm. The prizes for these include the following: $25.00 Tim Hortons Gift Card. $25.00 Canadian Tire Gift Card. $50.00 Princess Auto Gift Card. $100 Liquor Mart Gift Card.

Come for the meal, come for the meat, come for the Jack, come to sing, or come for the gift cards. Just don’t forget to wear your greens!!!!! You never know……..the Leprechaun might come and pinch you if you aren’t wearing any green!!!!