Thank You….

On behalf of the President & the Executive Committee of Charleswood Branch #100 of the Royal Canadian Legion we would like to thank all of our members, visitors and supporters who joined us for our 2019 Remembrance Day Service.

As you know we tried something “new” this year. For the 1st time we “live streamed” our service on our very own YouTube Channel. This was an idea we came up with about 1 week or so before Remembrance Day. Of course we didn’t shy away from a challenge and we accepted it full on. We got busy getting the word out via Facebook, our website and around the community on bulletin boards and word of mouth, even our friends at CTV & Global TV helped get the word out.

Well with some last minute scrambling, and a whole lot of help (too many to mention here)… we pulled it off…..

ow was it perfect.. probably not

Could it be better …. for certain

Did we learn from this…. you bet

Are we going to quit… absolutely not

Thank you for joining us on this adventure, as we enter the big world wide web and venture down unfamiliar paths.We will be making some changes as we move forward. Looking at getting proper equipment for better quality picture and sound. Over the coming weeks more equipment will be installed in the branch to allow us to show special events and sport shows on a “large screen” in the Club Room.

Join us as we continue to stream events from our Branch over the coming year. All of these will all end up on our YouTube Channel to enjoy by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Just search for “Charleswood Branch 100” on YouTube and hit “subscribe” to find out all about our live & special events. Spread the word… Charleswood is the branch to “watch”.

We thank you again to all who came out to support us at the service, the 100+ people that joined members of our branch in a full house Club Room, or the many people we have heard from in a few places around the Country and the USA. We hope you enjoyed it. And stay tuned for more excitement in the future.

Sincerely,Charleswood Branch #100 President & Executive Committee.