YouTube Channel – Charleswood Branch 100

In preparation for streaming the Remembrance Day service tomorrow I just wanted to give everyone a couple of pieces of advise.

If you go to then search for “Charleswood Branch 100”, you will find our YouTube Channel listed there. If you click on the “Subscribe” button any time we add an event or a new video is uploaded you will get a notification. Also, if you do this tonight or first thing tomorrow morning you will see that I have a “2019 Remembrance Day” event scheduled for 10:30 a.m. tomorrow. If you click on that link now it will give you a count down until the service. Then at 10:30 when we go “live” at the service it will automatically start the video on what ever device you are logged into.

Just a reminder we will be set up to stream this event from Charleswood Branch 100 Club Room also. Doors will open at 10:00 a.m. at the branch with live streaming starting at 10:30. Tea & Coffee will be available for purchase. Bar opens at 12:00 and the light lunch will be served in the “Tank Room” following the service at Oak Park High.

We hope you will enjoy having an alternative for viewing the service than having to go to Oak Park High or even the branch. You should be able to watch this anywhere you can log onto the internet and go to YouTube.