“Hi there, my name is Kirsten Reimer. In December 2017, I was voted in as the Sports and Games Chairperson on the Charleswood Legion executive. The following is what I am responsible for as set out in the Legion by-laws:”

Chairman of Sports & Games Committee

Shall become familiar and knowledgeable with the Command Sports Manual. Define the rules and regulations in regards to all Sports events.

Shall promote and be in charge of all sports and games under the auspices of the Branch and shall be authorized to raise funds for sports, as authorized by the Executive Committee.

“I cannot do this alone, and I know there are already some great people that are already volunteering their time to lead the different sports and games activities (Curling, Darts, Snooker, etc.).

The legion is a business that is here for the veterans and the members of our community. Some of the facilities in the legion are not just for league use; they are here for the membership and their guests.

We ask that during peak hours (during meat draws or special events) you do not hold league games or playoffs, unless otherwise approved by the Chairman of the Sports & Games Committee.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please free to contact me at or 204-479-9272.”