Table of Contents

1. TITLE                                                                       2

2. MEMBERSHIP                                                      2

3. INITIATION OF NEW MEMBERS                   2

4. COMPLAINTS AND APPEALS                          2

5. BRANCH DUES                                                     3

6. SIGN-IN-PRIVILEGES                                        3


8. THE ORDER OF BUSINESS                               4

9. EXECUTIVE MEETINGS                                     5

10. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETINGS                     5

11. QUORUMS                                                             5

12. DELEGATES                                                          5

13. NOMINATING COMMITTEE                            6

14. ANNUAL ELECTION OF BRANCH                   6


(A) PRESIDENT                                                          9

(B) VICE PRESIDENTS                                              9

(C) SERGEANT-AT-ARMS                                        10

(D) CHAIRMAN                                                           10

(E) DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY                          10

(F) DUTIES OF THE TREASURER                          11

16. DUTIES OF THE SERVICE OFFICER               11

17. DUTIES OF CHAPLAINS                                     11

18. DUTIES OF BRANCH EXECUTIVE                   11

19. VACANCIES                                                            13

20. SPECIAL COMMITTEES                                      14


22. BRANCH EMPLOYEES                                        15

23. NOTICES                                                                 16

24. AMENDMENTS TO BY-LAWS                            16

25. INTERPRETATION                                               16




Revised:   January 1999, March 2004, January 2007

January 2009, January 2010, June 2012



This Branch shall be known as the Charleswood Branch No. 100 of the Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Command of The Royal Canadian Legion.



(a)     Shall be in accordance with the General By-laws of The Royal Canadian Legion.

(b)     Guests and employees, who frequent the Club Room and enjoy its privileges, shall be requested by the Executive Committee to obtain a membership.



(a)     Every New Member shall be initiated according to the Ritual of The Royal Canadian Legion and Badges shall not be issued until the Candidate has been initiated.

(b)     The New Member shall be given an official receipt for monies paid and a key card which shall serve as a pass to the clubrooms until the official membership card and key card have been issued.



(a)     Complaints against a Branch member shall be dealt with in accordance of the General By-Laws of The Royal Canadian Legion.

(b)     Complaints against Branch staff must be presented in writing within 24 hours of the incident, witnessed by another member, to the attention of the Branch Secretary, who will notify the President immediately.



(a)     Every member shall pay annual dues in the amount to be determined at a General Meeting of the Branch, which dues shall be payable not later than the 31st day of January of any year.

(b)     A $5.00 administration fee shall be paid by all New Members joining the Branch.

(c)     Arrears in dues shall be dealt with in accordance with the General By-laws of The Royal Canadian Legion.

(d)     The Executive Committee shall have discretionary powers with regards to dues of Life Members and Members warranting special consideration.




All members shall be permitted to sign in a maximum of SEVEN (7) guests.

(a)     Ladies Auxiliaries shall be permitted to sign in a maximum of FOUR (4) guests.

(b)     Visiting members, visiting Ladies Auxiliary members and visiting members of recognized veterans organizations may sign in a maximum of TWO (2) guests.

(c)     When the back room is rented by a member for a private function, that member shall be authorized to sign for the entire group attending the function.



Meetings shall be held every two (2) months. These meetings shall be held every fourth (4th) Thursday in the months of January, March, May, July, September and November at 19:00 hours except:

1)      The previous General Meeting may change the scheduled date and/or time of a meeting. The changed date and/or time of the meeting shall be posted on the Branch notice board for a period of at least three (3) weeks immediately prior to the changed date and/or time of the meeting.

2)      In an emergency situation, the Branch President may change the date and/or time of a general meeting. The new date/time of the General Meeting must follow as close as possible in the month to the normal date/time of the General Meeting.

3)      The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the March General Meeting to accommodate the auditors’ report.

4)      Rights and Privileges shall be as set out in the Membership Eligibility Guide of The Royal Canadian Legion.

5)      All Meetings shall follow the Rules of Procedure for Legion Meetings.



The following shall be the order of business at the General Meetings.

 (a)     Opening Ceremony

(b)     Introduction of Guests

(c)     Roll call of Officers and Executive members

(d)     Minutes of the last General Meeting, Minutes of the Executive Meetings held since the last General Meeting, and any business arising from the minutes.

(e)     Financial statement

(f)      Correspondence

(g)     Reports of Committees

(h)     Notices of Motion

(i)      Election and Installation of Officers and Executive


(j)      Old and New Business

(k)     Initiation of New Members

(l)      Motion of Adjournment

(m)    Closing Ceremony



The Executive Committee shall meet once a month on a day and time suitable to the Executive Committee for the transaction of the current business, which may be introduced. All matters are strictly confidential until otherwise released.


In unusual or pressing circumstances, a Special General Meeting may be called by the Executive Committee or at the written request of FIFTEEN (15) voting members of the Branch. The Secretary, under the supervision of the Public Relations Committee, shall notify all members by mail of all Special General Meetings at least SEVEN (7) days prior to the meeting. The notice shall state the nature of the business for which the meeting is called. The minutes of the Special General Meeting shall be recorded and posted for the information of all members unless, for a special reason, the meeting directs otherwise.

11.         QUORUMS

(a)     FIFTEEN (15) Voting Members of the Branch in good standing shall be a quorum for the conduct of the business of a General Meeting, which quorum shall be maintained throughout the meeting.

(b)     The Quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be the majority of its members, which majority shall be maintained throughout the meeting.

 12.         DELEGATES

No member shall be nominated as a delegate to any Convention from this Branch unless a member of The Royal Canadian Legion in good standing. Delegates to Conventions shall be elected at the March General Meeting. The President of the Branch shall be automatically included as a delegate, if desired, and not required to stand for nomination.


The Immediate Past President shall form a nomination committee of five (5) members, two of whom shall be Past Presidents. The Immediate Past President shall automatically become the Chairman of the nominating committee. The nomination committee shall be comprised of, The Immediate Past President, One other past president and at least one member at large. This committee shall be named at the September Executive Committee Meeting and be approved at the September General Meeting. If the Immediate Past President is unavailable, the President shall appoint a new chairman.

(a)     Further nominations and Elections of Officers and Executive shall take place at the General Meeting held in November.

(b)     A Member nominated for Office shall be present or signify in writing his willingness to accept office. Nominations for Branch, if in writing, must be signed by any member in good standing and the member nominated indicating willingness to stand.

(c)     A Member is required to have served one year on the Branch Executive to be eligible to be elected President and a member shall hold membership in the Branch for a period of one year to be eligible for election to the Branch Executive.

(d)     The names of candidates so nominated and the office to which they seek election shall be posted in the clubrooms 15 days prior to the November General Meeting.

(e)     The duties of the Branch nominating committee cease upon the filing of their final report, which shall be prior to any election.

(f)      Nothing shall prevent a member of the nominating committee from being nominated from the floor after its report has been given.



All elected Officers and Executive shall be elected for a one year term.

(a)     The Branch Officers shall consist of the Immediate Past President, the President, the 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Chairman, Sergeant-at-Arms, Treasurer, Secretary and 9 Executive members, all of who shall be elected by a majority vote.

(b)     The Executive Committee shall be installed in office immediately following the Elections held at the November General Meeting and shall assume office on the First Day of January of each year.

(c)     The Election Meeting of the Branch shall elect, from among the members of the Branch, the Branch Executive, who shall be the Chairmen of Standing Committees. The Committees shall consist of the following:

  Chairman of Public Relations Committee

Shall be responsible for internal print and electronic media, such as the Branch Newsletter and web page.

Shall prepare a calendar of all Branch events, including meetings.

Shall establish and maintain a good working relationship with advertisers for the Branch Newsletter.

Shall bring forward to the public, through the news media, all activities and work of the Branch that may be newsworthy.

Shall be responsible for forwarding Branch news to the Command correspondent for forwarding to the Legion Magazine.

  Chairman of Membership Committee

Shall be responsible for recruiting new members.

Shall review and screen all applications before presenting them to a General Meeting.

Shall be responsible for the administration of all membership records.

Shall establish and maintain up-to-date mailing and delivery lists.


  Chairman of Ways & Means Committee

Shall be responsible for, and shall devise ways of raising revenues for the Branch.


  Chairman of House & Property Committee

Shall be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Branch building and its property.

Shall make recommendations for improvements and repairs required.


  Chairman of Sick & Visiting Committee

Shall contact members who are confined by illness or injury.

Shall be authorized to provide comforts, as set down by the Executive Committee.


  Chairman of Sports & Games Committee

Shall become familiar and knowledgeable with the Command Sports Manual defining the rules and regulations in regards to all Sports events.

Shall promote and be in charge of all sports and games under the auspices of the Branch and shall be authorized to raise funds for sports, as authorized by the Executive Committee.


  Chairman of Poppy Fund Committee

Shall appoint the number of Members required to perform all Poppy Fund duties in accordance with the Poppy Fund Manual.

  Chairman of Special Events and Entertainment Committee

Shall co-ordinate with the Branch Manager to provide entertainment for special functions within the Branch.

Shall appoint the number of members required to carry out necessary plans to hold special events authorized by the Executive Committee.

(d) The chairman of any standing committee or special committee shall not be allowed to incur any expenses at the Bar unless specifically authorized by the President.

(e) Appointed Branch Officers shall have the right to vote at Branch Executive Meetings unless otherwise restricted by the Executive Committee.

(f) Any Member or Group of Members wishing to have the Branch sponsor a Zone, District, Command or Dominion Sports event, or any other charity or promotional event, shall present their proposal by way of a “Notice of Motion”. The Notice shall be complete with an outline plan, which will include a financial plan. It will be posted on the Branch premises until the date of the next General Meeting.




Shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees and a voting member of the Board of Directors of Beauchemin Park Place, or appoint a member in good standing to serve as his representative.

(a) The President shall preside at the opening and closing of all General Meetings and enforce order and strict observance of the By-Laws. He shall exercise a general supervision and control over the Executive Committee and business of the Branch and shall call special meetings of the Executive Committee when he considers it advisable. He shall transact such business as may be custom pertain to his office.



In the absence of the President, all rights and powers vested in him shall, for the time being, be committed to a Vice President according to seniority of office.

(a)     The First (1st) Vice President shall be the Chairman of the Finance Committee and shall assume Chair of any other Committee as may be deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. Shall chair a special committee, appointed by the Executive Committee, to prepare and outline budgets for the following year. All Committee Chairs will submit their budget for inclusion in the main budget.

(b)     The Second (2nd) Vice President shall be responsible for the Bar & Canteen. He will also be responsible for the publication of Branch By-Laws, and review them on an annual basis. May be directed by the Executive Committee of the Branch to undertake such other duties or responsibilities of leadership as may be required for the proper administration of the Branch.



The Sergeant-at-Arms shall arrange details of all Parades and take charge of same. He shall see that the Clubrooms are properly prepared for all meetings and take charge for installation. He is custodian of the Colours.



The Chairman shall preside over the debate and transaction of the business at all Executive and General Meetings. May be directed by the Executive Committee to undertake such other duties or responsibilities as may be required.



Shall keep true records of all minutes at all Executive and General meetings.

(a)     Shall, together with an Executive member of the Branch, take inventory of all supplies of the Branch when required by the Executive Committee.

(b)     Shall be responsible for all other duties pertaining to the position of Secretary as per the list of duties noted in the current Branch Leadership Manual and the Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario Command Manual of Information.



The Treasurer shall ensure that a just and true account is kept of all monies received and paid out by the Branch, and all other financial transactions of any kind whatsoever, and that all Branch funds are deposited to the Branch accounts designated by the Executive Committee.

The Treasurer may audit once a year, or more often, any financial accounts held by any Branch clubs. This includes the Ladies Auxiliary, the Seniors Club and all Sports Clubs.



The Executive Committee shall appoint the Branch Service Officer. Duties shall be to assist all eligible members and dependents in all matters affecting rehabilitation, gratuities, pensions, medical treatment, Last Post, etc. Shall establish and maintain proper contacts with the Command Service Officer or V.A.C for those that seek such assistance. Shall be a member of the Poppy Trust Fund Committee.



One or more Chaplains may be appointed. The Chaplains are vested with the spiritual leadership of the Branch and will carry out those duties as requested by the President, keeping in mind the non-sectarian nature of the gathering of veterans, their families and guests.



(a)     Where any member of the Executive of the Branch transacts business or performs any service for which a fee or commission is paid by any Branch, the executive office or position shall immediately be forfeited and become vacant, unless such transaction has been approved in advance, such approval to be given by the Executive of the Branch.

(b)     Any member of the Executive, absent from three consecutive meetings, either Executive and General, without the consent of the Executive, shall cease to hold office and his office shall be filled in accordance with Branch By-Laws.

(c)     Shall be responsible to ensure that the Branch Manager and the full time bartenders of the Branch are properly bonded.

(d)     Shall ensure that all monies paid by the Branch shall be paid by cheque only, with the exception of such amounts that may be paid out of Bar Account.

(e)     Shall present monthly Financial Statements to the next General Meeting following each month’s end and a Yearly Financial Statement to the Annual General Meeting.

(f)      Shall ensure that all major expenditures, other than current accounts and emergency repairs, have prior approval of the General Meeting.

(g)     All expenditures over $1,000.00, including commitments to such expenditures, shall be submitted to the Finance Committee for their consideration before payment or commitment is given.

(h)     No expenditure or commitment exceeding $2,500.00 shall be dealt with at a General Meeting unless it has been first submitted to the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee for their consideration.

(i)      No expenditure or commitment exceeding $2,500.00 shall be made without the consent of the General Membership, through a resolution passed at a General Meeting.

(j)      All expenditures exceeding $10,000.00 shall be the subject of a Notice of Motion or a Special General Meeting with procedures to be followed under Section 10 of these By-Laws.

(k)     The above sub-sections, g, h, i & j, shall not apply to the following regular and routine expenditures:

Liquor and soft drink purchases

Bar equipment in the event of an emergency

Bar supplies

Employees’ wages

Remittance of employees’ deductions

(1) Income Tax

(2) Employment Insurance

(3) Canada Pension Plan

(4) Any other operating expenses deemed necessary.


(l)      Shall ensure that all cheques are signed by two signing authorities and that at no time shall a blank cheque be co-signed. Signing authorities shall be the President, the Branch Manager and the 1st Vice President, in the absence of the President.

(m)    All monies received by the Legion shall be rung in through the cash register.

(n)     The Executive shall have the power to raise money by way of a loan or mortgage or debentures, or to sell any real property or chattels belonging to the Branch, provided that such action has received a formal notice of motion and has been approved by 2/3 of those members present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose, and subject to the approval of Provincial Command.

(o)     Neither the President, nor any Committee Chairman, nor the Branch Manager shall have the power to dispose of any furnishings or other equipment or property of the Branch, without prior approval of a General Meeting.

(p)     The Executive Committee shall approve, by a 2/3 majority recorded vote, the hiring and dismissal of all full time staff on the recommendation of the Manager.

(q)     The Executive will ensure that an annual audit is carried out and at a minimum of every THREE (3) years that a second level audit (a Review Engagement) is carried out. The results of any audit shall be reported at the Annual General Meeting.

The Executive will ensure that an audit is carried out on an yearly basis. The results of the audit shall be reported at the Annual General Meeting.



Any vacancy occurring in the Executive of the Branch shall be filled by election or appointment at the Meeting at which the vacancy is accepted by the body, which approved that position. The President may appoint a member to fill the vacancy pending an election or appointment.


Special committees may be appointed from time to time as the need arises. The chairman of the Special Committee, who may be a member of the Executive Committee, shall report to the body that appointed the Committee.


The immediate Past President will automatically become the Chairman of the Honors and Awards Committee. He will select a member from the Executive and a member at large to form the committee. The Committee will meet on an “as required” basis.

The procedures for honours and awards will be as follows:

(a)     All citations shall follow the criteria required in the Honours and Awards Regulations with supporting data, if required by the committee, on unsubstantiated statements.

(b)     It shall be the responsibility of the person submitting the citation to satisfy the Committee that the applicant is deserving of the award applied for.

(c)     All awards, except those specified in paragraph (d), shall be voted on individually, and if the member being considered for such an award is present, he shall leave the meeting until a decision is reached.

(d)     Consideration of a M.S.M., Palm Leaf to a M.S.M. or a Life Membership shall be handled in the same procedural manner as a notice of motion, and when voted upon shall be by secret ballot. If the member being considered for such an award is present, he shall leave the meeting until a decision is reached.



The Executive Committee, on the recommendations of a Special Committee consisting of the President, 1st Vice and 2nd Vice Presidents, shall appoint a manager who shall be governed by his terms of reference.

(a)     The Executive Committee shall determine the terms of reference for the Manager including salary and benefits.

(b)     The Branch Manager shall be directly responsible to the President. He will assist all Executive Committee Members to carry out their duties.


(c)     All non-salaried employees hired by the Branch shall be governed by “The Conditions of Employment” including those terms and conditions on Employment negotiated through the collective bargaining process.

(d)     All non-salaried employees of the Branch shall be hired, dismissed and be under the disciplinary control of the Branch Manager. Should the Branch Manager wish to have a member of the bar staff dismissed, the Manager must consult with the President and both must agree on dismissal.

(e)     The Branch Manager and the bartender on duty shall ensure that orderly conduct is exercised at all times by members and guests and shall have the right to refuse service.

(f)      The Branch Manager shall control the rental of the Banquet hall, and be responsible for its cleanliness.

(g)     Pay and benefits for non-salaried employees shall be negotiated through the collective bargaining process. Salaried employees will be negotiated by the Finance Committee.

(h)     At a General Meeting, any motion or discussion that concerns employees’ salaries shall be ruled out of order.

(i)      If the President determines it necessary to dismiss the Branch Manager and/or the Finance Manager, he must form a committee consisting of the President, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President who will determine by a 2/3 majority vote whether or not that person shall be dismissed. If dismissal is required then this recommendation will be presented to the Executive Committee for approval.

(j)      At a General Meeting, all Branch employees are entitled to vote on any question, provided they are members in good standing and it does not constitute a conflict of interest.

(k)     All Branch employees shall be encouraged to become members of the Branch, or must be signed in as a guest, when in the clubrooms while off duty.



 All Notices to be posted on the Branch premises shall be first approved by the President or the Executive Committee.


These By-Laws shall not be amended except by a Notice of Motion of which notice has been given at the previous General Meeting to the one at which the amendment is to be considered. A 2/3 majority vote is required to make such amendments effective.

(a)         Any amendment to these By-Laws shall not become effective until approved by The Royal Canadian Legion, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Command.


(a)         Words indicating the masculine import the feminine.

(b)         Words indicating the singular import the plural.

(c)         All future printed by-laws be completed with the proper signatures and date, as indicated on the Command approved copy, as received at this Branch.

Approved on behalf of the Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Command of the Royal Canadian Legion. 

Rick Bennett

 Date:  …………………..

Dawn Golding
Provincial Command Secretary

Date:  ………………………


House Rules

1)      Members, Guests, Visitors and Staff must comply with the Manitoba Liquor Control Act.

2)      Attire shall be in good taste taking into consideration current fashions.

3)      Wearing of Hats, Hoods or Scarves is not permitted, except as part of a costume or festive dress permitted during Special Occasions as may be authorized by the Executive Committee or as protected by Law or for Medical reasons.

4)      Members are allowed to sign in a maximum of seven (7) guests. Ladies Auxiliary members may sign in a maximum of four (4) guests. Visiting Members of any other recognized Veterans’ Organization may sign in two (2) guests. The Doorperson shall use his or her discretion when admitting guests and has the right of refusal. Guests must leave the Branch prior to or with the departure of the Signing Member in accordance with the Manitoba Liquor Control Act.

5)      It is unlawful to take alcoholic beverages to or from Branch premises.

6)      Profane languages, disorderly conduct, or drunkenness will not be tolerated. The Branch Staff have the authority to refuse service and to order patrons to leave the premises.

7)      Any complaints regarding employees of the Branch must be made in writing, as per the Branch By-Laws.

8)      Minors under the age of Eighteen (18) are not allowed in the Clubrooms, except for Special Occasions at which time the Video Lottery Machines are not in operation and are covered from view.

9)      Interpretation and enforcement of the above regulations are the responsibility of the Executive, Management and Staff.

10)    During busy periods in the Clubrooms, only one (1) Video Lottery Machine may be played at a time. Video Lottery Machines may only be RESERVED for Ten (10) Minutes, and if money is remaining, the Bar Staff will cash out and hold the money for the person.

We hope that these regulations will enhance Branch atmosphere and provide friendly atmosphere and facilities for the enjoyment of our Members, Guests and Visitors. Your cooperation in assisting us to conduct the Branch in an orderly manner will be sincerely appreciated.