The Branch By-laws are up for review, and a Notice of Motion to have the current By-Laws amended was passed at the last General Meeting 1 Mar 2018.

The proposed By-laws will be voted on for acceptance during the next General Meeting (24 May 2018); and, with a positive vote, forwarded to Command for final approval.

Please take your time to review the new document and be prepared to vote on it at the next General Meeting.  A hard copy will be available at the Legion shortly.

Requests for changes or amendments to the proposed By-Laws should be forwarded to the President and CC’ed to the 2nd Vice President for consideration.  Any requests should be received no later than 30 Apr 2018, to provide the membership the chance to review such changes.

Find below links to the current By-Laws and proposed By-Laws for your review we will be voting on the latest Amendment of the By-Laws posted (to be finalized  and posted here no later than midnight 10 May 2018):

Branch By-laws – Current

Branch By-Laws – [Charleswood 100] – Revised 20180430 – FINAL – Finalized by Committee 24 Apr 2018