Poppy Campaign Volunteers Needed


The 2018 Poppy Campaign kicks off this year on Friday, October 26th.  Volunteers are needed to canvass at stores in our area. This personal canvassing is done on Friday, October 26th, Saturday, October 27th, Friday, November 2rd and Saturday, November 3th. The Cadets do most of the Saturdays. The work is easy – just smile and accept donations in a coin box in return for someone taking a poppy to pin on their clothes. The time slots are only for 2 hours at a time. If you can’t manage 2 hours, perhaps you have a friend who can do 1 hour and then you spell them off and do the second hour. So just sign up as the 2 of you.  Signup sheets are located inside the Legion, right beside the door. Someone will prepare the tray for you so all you have to do is come to the Legion to pick it up. Take a minute, sign up and help with the canvassing. You’ll be glad you did!